Delightful holidays are incomplete without sumptuous food.Our in-house restaurant is one of the best dining options you will find in the Gangotri region. Savor delicious vegetarian dishes from around the country, as well as authentic Garhwali cuisine, prepared from fresh local ingredients by our skilled chefs. Enjoy the meals in the comfort of your room or dine at the restaurant where beautiful scenery and the sound of the river await you.

We provide complimentary breakfast on all bookings. You can ask for packed breakfast/ lunch if you are heading out for the day. Food without onion and garlic (Jain Food) and for young children can be prepared on prior request.

Fasting Appropriate Meals

Fasting-appropriate meals are designed to meet dietary restrictions during religious or cultural fasts. These meals are designed to provide adequate nutrition while also respecting the fasting guidelines.

Kids Friendly Meals

Kids-friendly meals are designed to be nutritious, easy to eat, and appealing to children's tastes. They often include familiar foods like pizza, pasta, and nuggets, as well as fruits and vegetables.

Jain Food

Jain food is a type of vegetarian cuisine that excludes root vegetables and some other ingredients due to religious beliefs. Famous dishes include dal khichdi, sabudana khichdi, and mung bean curry.

North Indian Food / Chinese / Continental Meals

We provide a variety of North India, Chinese and Continental dishes in our restaurant. Our Chinese cuisine includes all time favorites like stir-fried vegetables, dumplings, and hot and sour soup. The continental can include family favorites like pastas and pizzas.

Local Garhwali (Pahadi) Food

Local Garhwali (Pahadi) food is a cuisine from the Garhwal region of Uttarakhand, India. It features dishes made from locally grown grains, lentils, and vegetables. Bursting with hearty flavors, you get local Garhwali all time favorites like Jhangora Kheer, Kode Ki Roti, Maithiyali Roti, Thenchwani and more. !